Dynamic, engaging, and purposeful messaging.

Newsco is your all-in-one communications hub to amplify your current internal & external communication efforts to better engage and inform your audience.

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Rapid distribution of information, news, and data.

Newsco’s AI process curates content sourced from web – news, blogs, and social media on topics chosen by you – and seamlessly integrates it with corporate content.

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Communicate directly and effectively.

Facilitate direct efficient lines of communication to employees, customers, partners, and others to your multi-channel networks and interact with them in an automated fashion.

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Awards and Accolades

Mario Mazzardo is the founder and CEO of Newsco.  He was previously the founder and Chief Technical Officer of solidThinking, a software in the industrial design arena. The firm won several awards, including the Best of Breed award assigned personally by Steve Jobs. In 2008 solidThinking was  acquired by Altair Engineering, after the merger Mario served as Vice President of Product Management & Strategy