Enhance corporate culture and engagement

newscoSOCIAL provides a dynamic space for your stakeholders to safely engage and communicate in a personalized manner with relevant news and corporate content.

Create collaborative spaces

newscoSOCIAL enables you to create collaborative spaces to share information, data, and news in an attracting setting to facilitate productivity and engagement. 

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Cultivate loyalty and trust

newscoSOCIAL enables you to interact directly with your customers and employees, enabling them to interact directly with your brand.

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Enhance brand and reputation

newscoSOCIAL allows corporations to communicate intelligently with all stakeholders, building inspired and committed engagement.

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Newsco is your all-in-one communications hub to amplify your current internal & external communication efforts to better engage and inform your audience.

Newsco’s AI process curates content sourced from the web – news, blogs, and social media on topics chosen by you – and seamlessly integrates it with corporate content.

Facilitate efficient lines of communication with stakeholders to direct to your multi-channel networks and interact with them in an automated fashion.

Connect purposefully at the office, at home, and on the go via mobile

newscoSOCIAL offers access to information, news, and updates through smart devices and computers anywhere in the world, enabling everyone to access & react to information in real time.

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