Enterprise, Governative and Retail Texting Solutions

Main Features:

  • High-volume global senders: Select Short Codes, Alphanumeric Sender IDs, and High-Throughput Toll-Free numbers.
  • Advanced Opt-Out: Customize opt-ins and opt-outs for local regulations and languages.
  • Customers Ownership of the contacts lists.
    • we discourage the use of lists not derived from direct contact acquisition.
    • In our logic the customer is the exclusive owner of his contact lists and responsible for their use. 
  • Protect customers’ messaging privacy by redacting the message body and phone number. You can enable this privacy feature at the account level so that tPro does not retain sensitive customer information by default.
    • If you are building for highly regulated industries, such as health care, financial services, and education, content redaction may be required to ensure your application’s regulatory compliance. Privacy and anonymous communications may also be a value proposition for your application.
  • Hyper-local senders: Choose from over 65,000 prefixes that include local, national, and toll-free numbers.
  • Sticky Sender: Send messages from the same sender ID or phone number for a consistent experience.
    • The Sticky Sender feature ensures the same From phone number is selected every time your application sends a message to a particular en-user. This allows your application to consistently send messages to your user from a single, recognizable phone number.

    • If Sticky Sender is turned off, your Messaging Service ignores all previously established mappings. However, if you toggle Sticky Sender back on in the future, your Messaging Service will retain and reference the previously existing mappings.

  • Area Code and Country Geomatch: Auto-select a phone number based on consumer area code (US-only) or country.
  • Intelligent Concatenation: Automatically segment long messages with a header that carriers use for reassembly.
  • MMS Converter: Automatically convert MMS to an SMS with linked media for carriers that don’t support MMS.
  • SMS validity period: Dictate how long to attempt delivery of queued messages before failing with an error.

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