Deliver targeted digital communication across your organization, on any screen.

NewscoTV  makes it easier than ever for you to put meaningful content on any screen in any location or any device via livestream. Control one screen or multiple from anywhere in the world.

Create an informed, engaged community

Keep your audience in the know with our effective content management system, expressly created to consolidate and manage corporate multimedia content.

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Centralize your communication efforts

Newsco leverages several modalities of digital media and devices, including monitors, social networks, computers, tablets, and smartphones to centralize all of a corporation’s communication efforts into one unified platform.

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Boldly capture attention

Captivate your audiences through dynamic content and specialized curated news stories selected by our Newsco AI engine.

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Newsco is your all-in-one communications hub to amplify your current internal & external communication efforts to better engage and inform your audience.

Newsco’s AI process curates content sourced from web – news, blogs, and social media on topics chosen by you – and seamlessly integrates it with corporate content.

Facilitate efficient lines of communication with stakeholders to direct to your multi-channel networks and interact with them in an automated fashion.

Connect purposefully at the office, at home, and on the go via mobile

NewscoTV offers you multiple tools to directly engage when, where, and how it is most effective through monitors in high traffic areas, such as wait rooms and lobbies, and via livestream on smart devices and computers. 

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